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is a team of young art creators who creatively bring back the art of analog photography in Oman through innovative artistic experiences—placing youth culture and interdisciplinary collaboration at the heart of all their projects. The vision is to establish a vibrant network of artists & creators eager to work within and across artistic mediums to generate art through film mediums.


Our vision is to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem of artists and creators in Oman who are passionate about the art of analog photography. We envision a future where our network thrives as a hub of inspiration and collaboration, where boundaries between artistic mediums blur and dissolve. Through our shared dedication to film mediums, we aspire to generate a diverse array of artistic expressions that resonate deeply with audiences, fostering a renewed appreciation for the depth and authenticity inherent in analog photography. Together, we aim to leave a lasting legacy of creativity and cultural enrichment, shaping Oman's artistic landscape for generations to come


Our mission is to reignite the flame of analog photography in Oman by fostering a community of young art creators who embrace innovation and collaboration. Through immersive and unconventional artistic experiences, we strive to preserve and celebrate the timeless beauty of film photography, while also pushing its boundaries to new horizons. We are committed to empowering youth culture and nurturing interdisciplinary collaboration as essential components of our projects, enriching our collective creativity and contributing to the cultural tapestry of Oman

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